Skype Personal Training

Skype Personal Training

Skype Personal Training

Personal training via Skype brings you the ultimate level of convenience to the individual client, as well as, a group class.  The functionality of Skype creates the ability to bring a personal trainer with you anywhere you go.

Traveling With Their Personal Trainer!

Some of my clients have to travel a lot for their jobs and now they don’t have to ever worry about missing a training session.  Most hotel rooms now days have WIFI access and so my clients just connect their tablets or laptops to the internet.  After about a minute we are both connected with a HD Skype video chat and ready for a great workout.

Corporate and Commercial Personal Training

Does your office have a conference room?  Instead of wasting time and trying to go to the gym on your lunch break, why not get your workout in with your co-workers in the conference room?

Skype Personal Training At Your Home

Skype personal training also works towards your benefit if you have children or just cant get yourself out of the house and to the gym.

Contact me with any questions about training with Skype

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